Perfectly Imperfect By Lorelei

I’m Lorelei, but most people call me Lori. As a wife, mother, and grandmother, I’ve spent years indulging in various crafts, from sewing and cake decorating to jewelry making and wire wrapping. I love exploring every craft imaginable. Recently, I’ve been dedicated to creating handmade masks, unique jewelry, and delightful wooden signs alongside my husband, Dan.

In 1983, I embarked on a fulfilling career as a licensed barber, a profession I truly adored. However, when COVID-19 struck, the restrictions and concerns for my health prevented me from continuing my work at the barbershop. As someone who can’t sit still for long, I turned to crafting, a passion that has now become a lifelong pursuit.

That’s why I chose the name “Perfectly Imperfect” for my creations. Life isn’t perfect, and change is inevitable. Likewise, crafts themselves aren’t perfect. I specialize in crafting one-of-a-kind pieces that may not be flawless but are undeniably enjoyable. With every item I make, you can be assured that it’s crafted with love.

I sincerely hope you find joy in the things I create. Browse through my collection, and embrace the beauty of imperfection.

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Handmade crafts just for you. Perfectly Imperfect = imperfectly made but perfectly enjoyable . Leather, hand-sewn, jewelry, & more!

Handmade crafts inspired by outside adventures